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All you need to be a full-fledged yogi or yogini is your own body, your own breath and few good friends“–Mark Whitwell

“After experiencing thirty some years in the corporate environment it has  allowed me a valuable insight into bringing Yoga into the corporate setting”, comments Paul. “I have experienced the types of pressures one encounters with a full day in a cubicle, at the computer listening to other stressed-out individuals on the phone. Yoga practice is a way to help recognize how we can open to and embrace those situations more completely and effectively.”

Some  Q and A when using a hatha yoga session in a group setting—

I have a group coming to the island can I get a Yoga session for the group?

Yes of course.  I am  able to uniquely cater to and develop a program that is just right for your group.  I will structure the class based on the size of the group, the Yoga experience of the group  and any unique situations that each organization may have. (i.e. physical challenges,  special requirements etc.)  and help you to establish the particulars you may have (length of class, scheduling, type of class) as well as any other questions that may arise.   If the group is looking for a particular venue and is unable to set one up with he accommodations where they are staying I would be happy to help out in that regard as well…

What is the cost?

The cost depends on the size of the group.   Please call Paul @ 650 773-3422 or email for specifics.

Of what use, or to what advantage is Yoga in a business meeting scenario?

A yoga session offers a unique opportunity to the individual and the group involved on several levels.

Recent studies have shown the inherent physical, and mental advantages to a Yoga program.
Physically the postures and breath work used in a Yoga practice have a two-fold result;
1) In opening the body, toxins are released, blood flow increases joint and muscle fibers increasingly become stronger, more pliant, more resilient and oxygenated, essentially healthier.
2) It has been known for thousands of years that the body is strongly connected to both the emotional and mental states.  The body stores emotion and stress in various ways.  Yoga is an example of a technique that helps to relieve the body of these pockets of tension.  It aids in more fully integrating the individual allowing him/or her to function at a more optimal level.

In focusing on the function of “breath” within the postures , a meditative and calming aspect is brought to the individual, drawing them more fully into the present helping to develop a method for focusing their concentration.

Simply put; a more relaxed, refreshed individual is invariably a more focused and productive one.

From the standpoint of doing the practice in a group environment, participating in a Yoga practice together can help to increase the level of connection within the group.  The experience of “going through it together” is invaluable in this respect.

Is there a “best time” to do Yoga within a meeting schedule?

Scheduling your Yoga session at different times during the day has different advantages.  Morning sessions before the morning meal and before the start of the “meeting day” help to invigorate, and prepare the individual and group for the tasks at hand.  If the group has experienced any traveling  a Yoga session can help to bring the individual “into their bodies”, and help to relieve much of the stress that often accompanies travel, again allowing them to be more fully present.

At the end of a meeting day, Yoga can help relieve pressures that have been built up, to help the body relax for better digestion, and better rest.  It allows the individual a moment to be with “themselves” which increases the ability to assimilate what has transpired throughout the day.

Possibly the only time “not” to have a Yoga practice is shortly before or after a meal or out in the direct sunlight for an extended length of time..

Private Yoga Sessions

Paul is available for Private yoga classes on Kauai and Corporate instruction. For Paul’s current  Kauai Yoga schedule click here. Additional details, questions and concerns please call (650) 773-3422 or contact Paul by E-mail.

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