The Hearse

parasuramaThe spiritual athlete often changes the color of his clothes,and his mind remains gray and loveless.
He sits inside a shrine room all day,
so that the Guest has to go outdoors and praise the rocks.
Or he drills holes in his ears, his beard grows enormous andpope_leo_x1 matted, people mistake him for a goat . . .. He goes out into wilderness areas, strangles his impulses, and makes himself neither male nor female….
He shaves his skull, puts his robe in an orange vat, reads the Bhagavad-Gita, and becomes a terrific talker.swaggart

Kabir says: Actually you are going in a hearse to the country of death, bound hand and foot!
—Kabir as translated by Robert Bly

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Posted by | Paul Reynolds
Paul has been a yoga teacher on the Island of Kauai for many years and is the facilitator of the weekly Living the Question Blog - a repository of wisdom and inspiration. Paul also produces and hosts Le Guru is You Radio Show, showcasing everyday gurus.

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