Want to see “Roach-lantis” ?

Just recently I received an email from a dear friend of mine who told me of her daily walks through the high desert of Nevada with her dogs and how she was bothered that people were dumping their cast-off garbage all over this pristine wilderness area. She went on to say that it came to her to start creating with the flotsam and jetsam strewn about the desert and so she sent me the following picture of one of her creations.

How did they do it???

How did they do it???

This prompted me to reply with the following:

Some day when human beings have evolved or moved on to a new plane of existence, the next inhabitants of mother earth (cockroaches??) will look upon this and marvel at the artistry and craftsmanship and probably even bow down to worship this as they tell their children of a highly intelligent race of cockroach beings that inhabited the isle of Roachlantis where this work now stands. And the society of cockroaches will just wonder how any beings could possibly form a structure like this without the use of modern tools and ……well you get it … the beat will go on…. whether we’re here or not.

See what you have now started- you highly evolved being from Roachlantis??

Keep up the creating fellow Roach-lantian!!!

So all that read this post-ponder a while….the seven nay the nine (or more) wonders of the ancient world – and we too ( this current race of ‘evolved beings’) will one day be regarded as……..????

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Posted by | Paul Reynolds
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