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Le Guru is You! Radio appreciates that all of us are Gurus (dispellers of darkness).
LGIY Radio  recognizes  the inherent wisdom each of us possess.

Le Guru is You Radio is a tool to help you remember your clear sound.

More than a Radio Show! More than a Pod Cast!

The podcast shows are a by-product of an interview session and upon approval of the “guest guru” an edited version will be used on the LGIY radio show. All guest gurus will be given a copy of the recording for their review and for final permission for it’s use.   LGIY Studios‘ intention is to co-create with each of our teachers, to listen to their truths (no matter what that might be) in order to help them perhaps move towards a shift in perspective,  or to welcome in a frequency of thought that they have longed to accept and express.

Through the guidance of  LGIY Radio host Paul Reynolds, our guest gurus  review, examine and marvel at  their stay here on the earth plane and express and explore who they ‘be’, are, and have been during this incredible ride called  life. When one hears  this picture they’ve created  through their own words, one discovers a newly remembered, incredible wisdom .

If you are ready to “get-your-guru-on”  be sure to check out the Why LGIY? page and let LGIY studios know that you are ready to share the wisdom that is YOU!  Scroll to the appointment scheduler at the bottom of the page  and send it off.

The world needs your teachings!

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