I thought to myself…

 I thought to myself:
Whats to be has happened;
likely my journey nears its end.
There seems to be
no road ahead,
no more work for me.

Today, it seems,
my provisions for the journey
have run out.

As my life has become worn out
I’ll have to go
behind that silent screen
in my torn and dirty garb.

But today

what do I clearly see?
The same unending game-
the same undercurrent of newness—
flows on.

When my old expressions died out,
on my lips they became a new song,
and welled up murmuring in my heart.

Where my old path came to an end
it brought me to a new land!

—–Rabindranath Tagore

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Posted by | Paul Reynolds
Paul has been a yoga teacher on the Island of Kauai for many years and is the facilitator of the weekly Living the Question Blog - a repository of wisdom and inspiration. Paul also produces and hosts Le Guru is You Radio Show, showcasing everyday gurus.

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